In The Spotlight

Jelisa – “Perspective”

Born in Amsterdam as Jelisa Jamy van Schijndel, this gifted Dutch singer and songwriter first made her mark as an actrice and dancer. These days she combines her musical career with modelling work. Inspired from a young age by the jazz, soul and 70s funk from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and Prince, she added a modern twist and debuted her Neo-Soul sound on “Leave Me Be” in 2021.

Lyrically searching for purpose in an ever expanding and complex society, her new single wraps her earnest words in a sumptuous Neo-Soul and R&B brew. With mesmeric synths, seductive bass and a velvety rhythm creating a retro atmosphere, it’s her sultry, honey-sweet vocals that gently stroke your ears. Satiny smooth, deliciously soulful, with a touch of soft jazz, this lavish gem sounds timeless.

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