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Kiki Holli – “New High”

Hailing from Pittburgh and now Los Angeles-based, this singer, songwriter and stage actress was drawn to music and theatre from a young age. As well as being a trained vocalist, she plays guitar, saxophone and viola. She’s appeared in several plays, including the Dusty Springfield musical “Forever Dusty”. Inspired by Prince, The Cure and Stevie Nicks, she debuted with “More Than This” in 2021.

Written from a place of happiness and a return to love after hardship, her new single captures the sun and takes a sonic drive down the Malibu coast. Starting with her hypnotic, sunlit vocals and mellow drums, she takes the listener by the ear on her road trip towards an ascending pop-rock soundscape. With glistening guitars surfing the anthemic melody, this tune is a sun-kissed, timeless gem.

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One thought on “Kiki Holli – “New High”

  1. Thanks for posting this. This is a beautiful, hopeful song. I’ve played it over and over. Can’t wait to hear more from this artist.


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