In The Spotlight

Madi Leeds – “0-100”

Hailing from Melbourne, this rising Australian songstress grew up surrounded by music, thanks to having a DJ dad. She started writing songs on piano, but began writing seriously after teaching herself guitar. Since she’s played festivals such as Melbourne Music Week and Sydney Fringe. Inspired by 90s artists like Destiny’s Child and 00’s pop like Aly & AJ, she released her debut “Water To Me” in 2017.

Sonically accelerating from 0 to 100, her zesty new single balances introspective lyrics with an ascending melodic symmetry. Starting with a simple beat and a mild synths, the track leads to a bubbly chorus filled with rich guitars and lively percussion. Enveloped by the slightly retro, melancholic tune, she sings about the feeling that you’re never enough for someone, making this a dynamic gem.

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