In The Spotlight

Lowgo – “Addict”

Born in Montreal as David Lotey-Goodman, this Canadian producer and musician started developing a passion for music from 2 years old, when he got a toy piano as a gift. He started piano lessons and played with jazz ensembles. As a producer he’s worked with artists like Lou Phelps. Inspired by Kanye West and Flume, he blended EDM with hip-hop and R&B and debuted with “Piano Roots” in 2015.

Collaborating with Los Angeles-based artist and producer Joseph Tilley, his new single tells the story about how love can be addictive. With sun-soaked vibes radiating from the notes, it’s the playful bass line and jaunty rhythm that lay the foundation for the joyous synths to shine their glitter onto the neon tune. And with a rich, 80s-infused aesthetic, this electro-pop gem is a sleek, sunlit sparkler.

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