In The Spotlight

Jordyn Sugar – “Good In My Shoes”

Toronto-born and Montreal-based, this Canadian singer and songwriter started showing a musical prowess from the age of 3. Initially following a passion for drumming, she taught herself guitar and piano as well. In 2020 she began uploading singing video’s to TikTok, where she was discovered. Inspired by Shawn Mendes, Phil Collins and Michael Jackson, she debuted with “Leaves Me” in 2021.

Singing about preferring being a person with a down-to-earth life, over being a person who’s constantly posturing with the most expensive, branded stuff in order to seem important, her new single highlights the importance of being yourself. With an invigorating driving beat, sizzling keys and her refreshing vocals, it’s the energetic vibe of the pop chorus that promises her a great musical future.

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