In The Spotlight

Wellingta – “No Goodbyes”

Originally from Berlin, Germany and now London-based, this rising singer and songwriter was born into a musical family with Brazilian roots. She started singing and dancing at 5 years young and has been honing her unique, 90s-influenced, blend of hiphop, R&B, AfroBeats and reggae ever since. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Beyoncé, she released her debut single “It Ain’t So” in 2019.

Although described as ‘a love letter to God’, her new single is an ode to the inspiration felt by everyday experiences. Starting with a rich, easygoing guitar and mild electronic effects, the song entices the listener in, before unfolding a delightfully retro R&B vibe from the tranquil chorus and infectious rhythm. And with her soulful, euphoric vocals, this hope-filled groove is brimming with irresistible vibes.

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