In The Spotlight

Melissa Marchese – “Sirens”

Hailing from Hamilton, this Canadian singer/songwriter has been honing her craft and cultivating her love for performing her entire life. At 16 she would sneak into bars to soak up the culture and the sounds. In 2010 she became the front woman of the band Weekend Riot Club. Inspired by legends like Alanis Morissette and Janis Joplin, she debuted her first solo single “Cigarette Song” in 2022.

Lyrically highlighting the threat of climate change and the seemingly low priority this issue still has, her new single envelops her powerful message in a delicious Motown and blues blend. Instantly ear-tingling with a sprightly beat, crisp guitars and blazing brass, it’s her passionate, soul-soaked vocal chops conveying her important words, that make this vintage-dipped groove an instant classic.

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