In The Spotlight

Carrie Baxter – “Selfish”

Born and raised in Waterford City, this Irish songstress grew up in a musical family. She started writing songs after getting a guitar for Christmas, which evolved after discovering electronic music. Now based in London, she joined Tileyard education to hone her songwriting skills. Inspired by Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones, she debuted her jazzy, soulful sound on “Lady” in 2019.

Written a few years ago about not being able to leave a relationship, because of self-blaming or ignoring gut instinct that says things have run its course, her new single is filled with sincere honesty. Enveloping her words with a warm, acoustic piano and a perky rhythm, she forges an ear-stroking smooth soundscape. And with her jazz-infused, silky vocals, this tune is a selfless sonic gem.

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