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Wesson – “Made Me Happy”

Based in Milton Keynes, this British indie-rock quartet was formed with like-minded souls, who need music as a part of their life and the essence of their being. Led by singer/songwriter Chris Wesson, they created a mix of pop, punk rock and indie and supported artists such as Callum Beattie and Lucy Spraggan. Influenced by The Beatles and The Stone Roses, they debuted with “Understand” in 2022.

Digging deep into their own personal experiences, their new single highlights the importance of putting yourself first in order to make you happy. With a Beatlesque start of a breezy air organ, this full-bodied track soon finds its resounding instrumentation. With a booming percussion, electrifying guitars and soaring vocals, this is a bold and infectious jam, that will surely make your ears very happy.

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