In The Spotlight

Kezia Gill – “Whiskey Over Ice”

Born in Nottingham, this British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist first graced the stage at the age of 7. Guided by her performing musician dad, she was raised on a solid musical diet of Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Willie Nelson. At 13 she started singing in clubs. In 2019 she toured Australia and performed in Nashville. Inspired by the likes of Patsy Cline, she debuted with “Control” in 2017.

Telling the relatable story of two people who meet in a bar and instantly feel like they’ve known each other all their life, her new single is so filled with alcohol analogies, that you’ll get drunk listening to it. Embracing the classic country sound from the rolling drum and steel guitar opening to the bustling chorus with a howling guitar and her powerful vocals, this jam is pure country on the rocks.

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