In The Spotlight

LeBrock – “Chemistry”

Hailing from Peterborough, UK and consisting of Shaun Phillips and Michael Meadows, these retro rockers knew each other from the local music scene. It was a mutual appreciation for Dance With The Dead that fueled their collaboration. Together they’ve opened for them and for Dana Jean Phoenix. Inspired by Steve Vai and Slash, they debuted their neon sound on “Action & Romance” in 2016.

Telling the tale of two people making an unbreakable connection, their new single is an 80’s-infused melodic rock heaven. Fusing the shimmering synths with howling electric rock guitars and a modern sonic twist, this mighty groove resounds a cinematic and anthemic vibe. And with a fierce vocal performance, this full-flavored journey to our neon past is bursting with rich, retro rock chemistry.

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