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Wasia Project – “Petals On The Moon”

Hailing from London and formed in 2018, this British-Chinese duo of siblings Olivia Hardy and Will Gao fuses their cultures as well as their music and their name, which mixes White and Asia. Both classically trained, Olivia took violin and singing lessons, while Gao started learning piano aged 11. Inspired by artists like Finneas and Billie Eilish, they debuted with “Why Don’t U Love Me” in 2019.

Lyrically navigating the struggle that is life and the drive to always want more, their new single wanders across genres, interlacing bedroom pop, a touch of jazz and a celestial breeze. Instantly gripping from the driving beat and playful keys, it’s the silky tonality of her resplendent vocal artistry and the angelic harmonies that give this vibrant tune an ear-stroking, out-of-this-world quality.

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