In The Spotlight

Katie Boeck – “Over Again”

Hailing from L.A. and now Nashville-based, this singer and songwriter has already had quite a varied career. She graduated UCLA’s Theater program, toured India with a Bollywood band, starred in the musical Spring Awakening in New York and had her music featured on TV Series The Newsroom and Love Island. Inspired by Joni Mitchell‘s flair, she released her debut EP “Speaking Of You” in 2014.

Singing about accepting your past and using it to become a better person, her new single is an intricate tapestry. Taken from her upcoming album “Calico”, expected on April 28th, it’s the enchanting quality of her phenomenal vocals that take centre stage. Accompanied by an emotive acoustic guitar and a velvety rhythm, this honey-dipped smooth groove is filled with sonic intimacy and charisma.

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