In The Spotlight

Mazie – “Are You Feeling It Now”

Baltimore-born and L.A.-based, this colorful singer and songwriter studied classical and jazz singing from an early age, singing opera by the age of 10. Her path became truly clear when she met her producer and friend Elie Rizk at 15. Since then she’s had a song featured in Netflix’s “Do Revenge” and opened for COIN. Inspired by The Beatles and Janis Joplin, she released her debut “No Friends” in 2020.

Exploring the bright kaleidoscopic colors of psychedelic pop, her new single creates its own sonic dimension. Taken from her debut album “Blotter Baby”, it’s a multi-layered soundscape, constructed from various influences. From the spacey synths and futuristic effects, to the retro beat and 80s-pop vibe, it’s a vibrant brew. And with her shimmering vocal tone, you’ll definitely feel this vivid jam.

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