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Theresa Gorella – “House Of Broken Mirrors”

Born in California, this singer and songwriter studied at the Long Island University in Brooklyn, before moving to Nashville to pursue her music. While she was waitressing at Nashville’s famous venues, she saw performances of the likes of Vince Gill, Beth Hart and Andra Day. She formed an indie-funk band Poster Child with Andrew Royal. Now returning to her country roots, she started a solo project.

Singing about the times she needed self-reflection after giving up on herself and the bad choices she made, her solo debut single is a pastiche of musical influences. Creating a lusciously mellow soundscape, she blends Americana, 70s ballads and soul-laced vocals into an ear-stroking sonic brew. With twinkly keys and stirring guitar licks, this nostalgic tune is filled with rich, authentic vibes.

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Music History

Eric Benét – “Spiritual Thang”

From his album “True To Myself” (1996):

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New Music

Allison Ponthier – “Character Development”

Blending storytelling verses with a vivid rock chorus, this is the new single by Allison Ponthier:

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