In The Spotlight

Lenn – “Silicone”

Growing up in Hertfordshire with only Christian music in the home, this rising British singer and songwriter didn’t discover other genres until she was in her teens. Finding her own distinctive style, she joined Icarus on their sold-out tour and on their song “Last Night Felt Like The Future” in 2022. Inspired by artists like Bon Iver and James Blake, she released her debut “Dreams Are A Nightmare” in 2023.

With vulnerable lyrics about wishing you knew the outcome of your life’s decisions, before making a mistake, her new single blends smooth modern R&B with elements of electro-pop. Creating an irresistible dreamscape, it’s the elegant piano, gentle beat and shimmering synths that adds a delicate sensibility. And with her emotive, celestial vocal tone, this luscious tune is a true sonic treat.

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Music History

Anthony Hamilton – “Sista Big Bones”

From his album“Ain’t Nobody Worryin'” (2005):

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New Music

Izo FitzRoy – “Chasing Days”

From her upcoming album “A Good Woman”, to be released on 23 April 2023:

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