In The Spotlight

Ben Ellis – “Ed’s House”

Hailing from Cardiff, this Welsh singer and songwriter has been singing as long as he can remember. He started writing his own songs at the tender age of 10 and began taking guitar lessons aged 14. Continuously honing his skill set, he can frequently be found busking by the Thames in London and collaborated with artists across the globe. He released his debut “Not This Time” in 2022.

Taking a journey back to the days of high school, where we romanticized the freedom of being a grown-up, his new single harnesses the realization that, when you do reach adulthood, you wished you could go back to those carefree times. With a joyous beat, refreshing guitar riffs and his storytelling vocals, this dynamic tune makes you wish you were there at that raucous party at Ed’s House.

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Music History

Debbie Gibson – “(This So-Called) Miracle”

From her album “Anything Is Possible” (1990):

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New Music

Conrad Sewell – “Ego”

From his album “Precious” (2023):

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