In The Spotlight

Martyn Scott – “Lazy Days And Lullabies”

Hailing from Rotherham, this British musician has been playing for over 21 years. Firstly a guitarist, he is skilled on most band-based instruments. He started in a band called The Shakes at 17 and toured the clubs. Drawing inspiration from bands like The Beatles, The Smiths and The Stone Roses, he used lockdown to write, record and self-release his debut album “Maybe Just Maybe” in 2021.

Expertly crafted by blending 60s and 70s-styled pop-rock and a touch of britpop in a heartfelt sonic brew, his new single is an euphoric nostalgic groove. Easing into the song with an acoustic guitar, it soon ascends with a slide guitar and mellow drums. Joined by some sweet violins, it’s his harmonic vocals and the crisp guitar solo that give this feel-good, retro-dipped tune a catchy sophistication.

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Music History

India Arie – “That Magic”

From her album “Worthy” (2019):

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New Music

Jonas Brothers – “Wings”

From their upcoming album “The Album”, to be released on 12 May 2023:

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