In The Spotlight

Joel Sarakula – “In Trouble”

Born in Sydney, Australia, this singer and songwriter submerged himself in the extensive 60s and 70s pop/rock vinyl collection of his parents. He traveled the world in search of his own muse, which he found in the multi-cultural musical potpourri of London. He writes his own blend of music, seen through his large, 70s-tinged glasses; it’s Northern Soul, Motown, pop and so much more.

Launching into the song with rambunctious brass, his latest single serves as a time-capsule from the 70s, while keeping a foothold in the present thanks to a sleek modern production. Touches of Northern Soul, Motown horns, singing guitars and an infectious funky beat converge into a flamboyant groove for his soul-dipped vocals to weave through, creating a rousing retro tune.

From his upcoming album “Love Club”, to be released on 20 April 2018:

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Music History

Martha Wash – “Carry On”

From her self-titled album (1992):

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New Music

Kid Astray – “Joanne”

This is the new single by Norwegian indie-pop quintet Kid Astray:

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