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Dree Mon – “No Chill”

Although always bitten by the music bug, Dree Paterson dreamed about being a dancer, when a car accident changed her life. She discovered a knack for refined songwriting, which steered her onto a new path. Inspired by the music of Stevie Wonder, Gwen Stefani and Jamiroquai, she developed a fresh blend of modern pop and retro funk and had her music used on TV and in films.

The sophomore single of her latest musical endeavor certainly makes this L.A.-based singer/songwriter shine. A lively beat, sunny electric guitar chords and sleek strings merge into a breezy, summery pop tune with delicious retro funk flair. Her soulful vocals are charismatic with a velvety glaze and give this bubbly dance groove a sunny, chillastic essence to which you just can’t sit still.

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Music History

Tuxedo – “R U Ready”

From their self-titled debut album (2015):

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New Music

Kim Wilde – “Kandy Krush”

From her album “Here Come The Aliens” (2018):

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