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Megan Vice – “Nobody Freakin'”

This New York born and raised songstress grew up dipped in the music of her heroes, like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince. With an urge to sing and perform ingrained in her DNA, she was soon writing her own unique material. Her fusion signature sound of disco, rock, R&B and contemporary pop first saw the light on her aptly named debut EP “Step On The Scene” from 2013.

Take a lyrical narrative about a bad boyfriend and a love affair gone sour, immerse it in a magical mixture of pop, R&B and disco, lace it with some pure 80s flavors and you have the recipe for the lustrous and sassy groove that is her latest single. A funky bass, sweet harmonies and sultry, euphonic vocals, make this glittery musical gem both funkaliciously vintage and infectiously modern.

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Music History

Vanessa Williams – “Running Back To You”

From her album “The Comfort Zone” (1991):

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New Music

Chris James – “I Know You Can Dance”

This is the new single by funky German artist Chris James:

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