In The Spotlight

Kristen – “Therapy”

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, this indie-rock band was formed back in 2012 around the vocal diversity of front-woman Kristen Bales. She has her roots in jazz, but added blues, folk and soul to her sound, which ranges from smooth and pristine to raw and soul-filled. A short stint in Nashville added yet another layer of roaring rock into the mix, making her sound truly unequaled.

A laid-back funky beat and plucky guitar start her new single off with a groovy, vintage vibe, but it soon leads to an energetic chorus, in which the rock influences can be felt. Her varied vocal spectrum is gloriously showcased, as it effortlessly takes it from sweet and jazzy to rough and rocky. Being both retro-sounding as contemporary and fresh, it’s a song you won’t get out of your head.

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Music History

The Sylvers – “Come Back Lover, Come Back”

From their album “Concept” (1981):

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New Music

Judy Blank – “Mary Jane”

From her upcoming album “Morning Sun”, to be released in September 2018:

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