In The Spotlight

Sananda – “Only You”

Although born in Venezuela, this Mediterranean singer and songwriter grew up in Spain. Her parents were musicians as well and decided to settle down in Madrid after a Spanish tour when she was 6. Always being surrounded by musical creativity, she started singing at the age of 7 and taught herself to play guitar at 11. She’s about to release her debut album “Cruel” in April 2018.

The first taster of her forthcoming album creates a warm, summery feel with its laid-back grooves of an acoustic guitar and plush rhythm, before the contemporary pop layer awakens in the spirited chorus. Her R&B-ladened vocals, which effortlessly range from smooth and silky to vigorously energetic, seamlessly blend into the sweeping instrumentation, creating a catchy and sunny pop jam.

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Music History

The Blow Monkeys – “This Is Your Life”

From their album “Whoops! There Goes The Neighbourhood” (1988):

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New Music

Emmelie de Forest – “History”

From her EP “History” (2018):

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