In The Spotlight

Ina Reni – “Down To Mars”

This London-based singer/songwriter of half-German, half-Bulgarian descent caught the attention of L.A.-based entertainment mogul Ted Chung, while she was busking on the streets of London. Apart from her musical ventures, she owns a popular lifestyle YouTube channel. Her debut single “I Thought You Were Gay” was released in 2016 and launched her fresh, fusion pop sound and quirky lyricism.

The title-track of her debut EP is like a virtual club, where she serves cocktails of vintage funk, sassy soul and edgy pop with a tiny hiphop umbrella. With a more-bounce-to-the-ounce beat and copious sprightly horns creating the intoxicating kick and her R&B-infused vocals with a soulful vibe putting a contemporary melodic cherry on top, this infectious tune will tug at your feet to get movin’.

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Music History

Shalamar – “Right In The Socket”

From their album “Big Fun” (1979):

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New Music

Mo Jamil – “That Feeling”

From his upcoming album “Evolve”, to be released on 30 March 2018:

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