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Superwalkers – “Don’t Wanna Leave”

Swedish duo A & J were acclaimed producers in their own right, when they met in Stockholms underground club scene in 2010. They took their different musical backgrounds, their mutual love for vintage synths and, with the addition of observational, meaningful lyrics, mixed it into a retro-fitted electronic pop sound. This lead to the release of their debut single “Not Like Us” in 2015.

Their new single is oozing with deliciously mellow 80s throwback flair, created by the use of authentic synthesizers of the decade. They wrap their lyrical story about personal insecurities in serene and tranquil 80s tones, which they slightly dipped in modern indie gloss. With a catchy electro-beat and velvety, soothing vocals, it’s a polished slice of their signature futuretro sound.

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Music History

Gabrielle – “When A Woman”

From her album “Rise” (1998):

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New Music

Blossoms – “I Can’t Stand It”

From their upcoming album “Cool Like You”, to be released on 27 April 2018:

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