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La Félix – “Feel So Good”

Felix Park, aka La Félix, is a New Zealand-based producer who takes French Disco House and dips it in high-octane Nu-Funk vibes. Having been producing since 2010, he’s put his indelible stamp on the modern electronic music scene. Inspired by the likes of Daft Punk and Breakbot, as well as the more classic sounds of Michael Jackson, he’s created a bodacious Nu-Funk sound, soaked in nostalgia.

Celebrating the talkbox tradition, made famous in the 80s by Zapp & Roger, his new single blends those vintage flavors with contemporary electronic artistry. The synth-heavy track has an invigorating rhythm, enriched with funky guitar hooks, while the robotic sound of the talkbox vocals adds a mesmerizing touch to this groovelicious jam, which won’t just make you feel good, but feel great!

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