In The Spotlight

Claire Vandiver – “Summer Me Up”

Born in Nashville, this singer and songwriter grew up around music, as her dad is a guitar player and songwriter as well. They co-wrote and produced her songs together, as well as playing live venues, since she was 16. With her stunning, wide-ranging vocal chops, she feels comfortable singing both catchy, upbeat pop as a smooth, subdued, jazzy edge. In 2014 she released her debut single “Craze”.

Sunscreen and shades are essential for listening to her latest sun-drenched single. She took Summer, wrapped it up in a radiant rhythm, bright bass line and sunlit guitar chords and dipped it in a sea of cheerful harmonies and luminous, peppy vocals. Under a parasol of incandescent pop sensibilities, the heat of this bouncy, beach-ready jam will Summer you up for the whole of the sunshiny season.

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Music History

Jamiroquai – “Seven Days In Sunny June”

From their album “Dynamite” (2005):

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New Music

John Splithoff – “Make It Happen”

This is the new single by New York-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist John Splithoff:

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