In The Spotlight

Johanna Klingfors – “All The Same”

Born and raised in Stockholm, this Swedish singer, songwriter and pianist grew up listening to the legends of 60s/70s jazz, blues and R&B music. She combined getting a masters from the Royal College Of Music with performing live both in her home country as in Spain. Giving a modern twist to that vintage sound, her musical virtuosity and impressive lyricism make her a force to be reckoned with.

By joining her retro-tinted, musical craftsmanship with a social statement about racism and discrimination, her debut single is a sumptuous sounding throwback with a modern message. The ear-tingling, blazing brass, an energizing rhythm and choral backing vocals give it a rejuvenating vibe,  while her vintage-dipped, powerhouse pipes complete this empowering slice of soulful vivacity.

From her upcoming EP “My Soul, The Blues & Other Stories”, to be released in October 2018:

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Music History

Roachford – “Only To Be With You”

From his album “Permanent Shade Of Blue” (1994):

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New Music

Sabina Ddumba – “Small World”

This is the new single by Swedish songstress Sabina Ddumba:

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