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REYNA – “Baby Forget It”

Milwaukee-based sisters Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela recorded a song for fun in their basement in 2011, which ended up being used in MTV‘s show “Skins”. Following their unexpected success, they released their debut EP “Bridges And Guns” under the name Vic & Gab in 2012. Now renamed to REYNA, this Texas-born twosome forged a shimmering synthpop sound, filled with vintage flavors.

Their new single is a neon-splashed synthophony of melodic 80s glitz. The reverberating retro synths create a sizzling soundscape, using updated gadgetry to produce an effervescent vintage vibe. Singing about a lover who can’t let go after a dramatic breakup, their dreamy vocal harmonics add a breezy, atmospheric element to this highly infectious, 80s-dipped jam, which is hard to forget.

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Music History

Johnny Gill – “Rub You The Right Way”

From his self-titled album (1990):

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New Music

Sonia Stein – “Change Shapes”

This is the new single by UK-based singer and songwriter Sonia Stein:

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