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FLYNN – “Piece Of Mind”

Darren Flynn was born and raised in Ireland, but he started his musical journey in the UK, where he dipped himself in the local HipHop and R&B scene of Bristol. Having gained a reputation as a singer, musician and songwriter by gigging and busking, he moved to London to develop his musical proficiency and hone his Pop-Soul sound. He dropped his debut single “Red Light” early 2018.

His sophomore single is an uplifting, beat-driven ode to self-confidence. The energizing rhythm and the perky piano truly come to life in the catchy chorus, blending together into a bubbly and bouncy summertime jam. With his wide-ranging vocals, soaked in silky soul, coasting the soundwaves, he harmonizes the lyrical voices in his head into an infectious synthesis of  contemporary Pop-Soul.

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