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Marie Dahlstrom – “Ask About Me”

Now London-based, this Danish singer/songwriter was born with a song in her heart. She was already taking part in song contests aged 11 and got her PhD at the Danish Center For Music In The Brain. Her 2011 debut EP “Feelings” earned her three Scandinavian Soul Awards. With her spine-tingling vocals and skillfully crafted songs, she’s set a new standard for fusing jazz/soul touches with 90s R&B.

The latest teaser of her upcoming EP takes those classic 90s-styled R&B flavors and creates an empowering song all about self-worth. With the addition of some jazzy touches from the organic-sounding acoustic guitar, the sunny vibes of the smooth synths, a refreshing rhythm and soul-drenched vocal harmonies melt together into an infectiously gorgeous, retro-tinged, summertime groove.

From her upcoming EP “Kanel”, to be released 6 July 2018:

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Music History

Peter Brown – “Dance With Me”

From his album “A Fantasy Love Affair” (1978):

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New Music

Sheppard – “Hometown”

From their upcoming album “Watching The Sky”, to be released on 8 June 2018:

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