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NINA – “The Calm Before The Storm”

Born and raised in Berlin, this German synth-pop singer and songwriter began singing at the age of six, which led to classical training as a teen. Now London-based, her single “We Are The Wild Ones” from 2013 was used in the SyFy series “Being Human”. Her first UK tour followed in the next year and she supported Erasure on the US leg of their Violet Flame Tour. She recently toured with Parallels.

Her latest single is a musical time-machine, which takes the listener straight back to the synth-heavy sphere that is the 1980s. Splashing neon-colored electronic pop-rock over an infectious oscillating rhythm and the retro howling rock guitars creates some vibrant vintage vibes for her sultry and zesty vocals to dance over and make this a vigorous groove which will take your ears by storm.

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