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EKKAH – “Just A Thing”

This British duo, consisting of friends Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson, met in school when they were 15 years old and started writing music together. Initially part of the rock band Arcadian Kicks, they continued as a duo with a fresh, 80s-inspired pop-funk sound. They debuted with their single “Last Chance To Dance” in 2014 and played festivals like Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party.

Their new single takes their 80s pop-funk sound and soaks it in glittery nu-disco vibes to emerge as a thrilling dancefloor filler. With a funky beat, bouncy bass slaps and sweltering synths giving this foot-tappin’ tune a delicious retro feel, their shimmering, seductive vocals, singing about a relationship that never took off, gently stroke the buoyant melody and intertwine into a dazzling disco gem.

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