In The Spotlight

Kristopher James – “Love You Better”

Growing up with musical blood in his veins, this singer, songwriter and musician from Bradenton, Florida created a slew of mixtapes with music ranging from Boyz II Men to Garth Brooks at a young age. However, sitting behind a drumset as a teen fired a desire for more. He taught himself guitar and piano and found his niche Americana-Soul sound. He released his debut EP “Movement” in 2013.

Taken from his first, full-length album “Kindness Never Quits”, his new single is an incredible amalgamation of delicious sounds. With a touch of gospel and a melodious retro trip back to the golden age of Motown and Stax from the vitalizing rhythm, playful tambourine, lively bass line and bracing brass framing his mighty, soul-drenched vocals, this is a shining slice of delectable, salubrious soul.

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Music History

T’Pau – “Secret Garden”

From their album “Rage” (1988):

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New Music

Niall Horan – “Nice To Meet Ya”

With a racing, upbeat and funky pop tune, this is the new single by Niall Horan:

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