In The Spotlight

Odette Peters – “What A Lovely Day”

Having grown up on a steady diet of legends like Nina Simone and Diana Ross, this British singer and songwriter discovered her own soulful side from a young age. Initially aspiring to become a poet, she found the symmetry of putting those poetic words to music aged 13. Now based in London, she adds lyrical social commentary to a stirring neo-soul and jazz blend, creating an awe-inspiring sound.

Encouraging people to have an honest and open conversation about mental health and general wellbeing, her first single oozes a buttery-smooth wave of soulful jazz. The spoken intro over gentle electric piano gives the track a contemporary feel, while the mild rhythm and her sugarcoated, Macy Gray-reminiscent vocals add a more vintage jazz layer, making this an absolutely lovely debut.

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Music History

Dan Hartman – “This Is It”

From his album “Instant Replay” (1978):

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New Music

Katy Perry – “Harleys In Hawaii”

With a catchy rhythm radiating smooth tropical vibes, this is the new single by Katy Perry:

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