In The Spotlight

Kate Vogel – “The Cycle”

Falling in love with storytelling lyrics, this empowering singer and songwriter grew up on showtunes and genre-spanning music from Dolly Parton’s country to Whitney Houston’s pop. At 16 she moved to Nashville to work on her first album, but fell victim to a predator and stopped singing for 9 years. Now channeling her past through her lyricism, she released her debut “Reasons To Stay” in 2019.

Showing a valiant vulnerability and an inspiring honesty, her new single blends sheer auditory charm with her true, heart-wrenching story. On a warm bed of an acoustic guitar she chronicles her past, filled with inconceivable childhood abuse, using her nectarous vocals. Making her stand stating that the cycle of abuse stops with her, she’s created something truly authentic and utterly beautiful.

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Music History

Spandau Ballet – “Only When You Leave”

From their album “Parade” (1984):

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New Music

Oh Wonder – “Happy”

From their upcoming album “No One Else Can Wear Your Crown”, to be released on 7 February 2020:

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