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Terra Volta – “Boo Boo Man”

Hailing from Nijmegen, this exciting Dutch band started life as a small jam band back in 2011, but has evolved into a dynamic, eight-piece party outfit, which turns every audience into a dancing crowd. They use a blend of multi-cultural influences, from ska and reggae, to African and Caribbean sounds to create an upbeat and lively musical experience. They debuted with their EP “Revelry” in 2018.

From the very first uplifting guitar plucks, their new single emits cheerful rays of African sunshine. Mixed with some Caribbean warmth, the fresh guitar is soon joined by an invigorating tribal rhythm and a dazzling organ, while they narrate the story of two friends who found a way to keep the Boo Boo Man away. And with the addition of luminous horns, this tune brings the summer to January.

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Music History

Monie Love – “Full Term Love”

From her album “In A Word Or 2” (1993):

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New Music

Blanks – “Sweaters”

With an infectiously joyous pop groove, this is the new single by Dutch singer and songwriter Blanks:

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