In The Spotlight

Amanda Tenfjord – “As If”

Ironically hailing from the small village Tennfjord, which is a coincidence, this Norwegian songbird with Greek roots moved to Trondheim to study medicine at University, but eventually decided to solely focus on her music. With a passionate energy and a hypnotic elegance, she’s been compared to the likes of Adele and London Grammar. She released her aptly titled debut “First Impression” in 2018.

With a velvety minimalism and her refreshing voice, her new single sounds as crisp as the morning dew. Starting with a mere electronic rhythm, reverberating in the background, she enchants the listener with her mesmeric vocal dexterity, before the electrifying chorus takes over and erupts with sizzling synths and an ardent intensity, sharing both alluring beauty and sheer power in one jam.

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Music History

Bee Gees – “E.S.P.”

From their album “E.S.P.” (1987):

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New Music

Alicia Keys – “Underdog”

From her upcoming album “ALICIA”, to be released Spring 2020:

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