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Jess Knights – “Leave Me For The Last Time”

Native to Calgary, this Canadian singer and songwriter spent time living in Germany, Thailand and the United States. Although classically-trained as an opera singer, her one-of-a-kind sound explores the worlds of country, blues and soul. Inspired by the legendary voices of Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin, she debuted with the dive bar-dipped grit of her single “Won’t Wait” in 2018.

Belting out an emotional tale of love and loss, her new single wraps classic soul in her characteristic powerhouse sound. Teasing her upcoming debut album “Best Kind Of Light”, expected to drop on May 20th, it’s the buoyant beat, fiery electric guitar and sweltering organ that make this a blistering jam. And with her fierce and passionate vocals, this is an empowering slice of mighty red-hot soul.

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Music History

Jamiroquai – “Too Young To Die”

From their album “Emergency On Planet Earth” (1993):

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New Music

Magdalena Bay – “How To Get Physical”

From their upcoming EP “A Little Rhythm And A Wicked Feeling”, to be released on 13 March 2020:

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