In The Spotlight

David Benjamin – “LOVE (All I Got)”

Although he graduated in 2014 from the Film Academy in Amsterdam and worked as a cameraman and director on movies, this Dutch singer and songwriter decided in 2014 to commit to his musical career. Inspired by Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Coldplay, he crafted a subtle pop sound, which earned him the 3FM talent award in 2015. He also co-wrote Lost Frequencies’ worldwide hit “Crazy” in 2017.

Utilising an acoustic guitar and a catchy hook, his new single is a cheerful indie-pop banger. Taken from his EP “Waking Up”, the infectious rhythm and intricate melodic runs conjure up memories of sunny days spent at the beach. Radiating joyous warmth, his charming, laid-back vocals are floating on the gentle waves of a sonic sea and create a sumptuous summery vibe you’ve just got to love.

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Music History

Edie Brickell – “Good Times”

From her album “Picture Perfect Morning” (1994):

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New Music

Marquee Mayfield – “Fever”

With a trumpetastic neon disco glimmer, this is the new single by funk brother Marquee Mayfield:

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