In The Spotlight

Jackson Breit – “Circles”

Growing up with music in his life, from playing trumpet in his school’s jazz band to starting a rap group in high school, this eclectic singer, songwriter and producer has always been performing. With a genre-hopping sound blending pop, soul and hiphop, he debuted with “Sunny Side” in 2015 and moved from Virginia Beach to L.A.. He also worked with artists like Bazanji, Carneyval and MARO.

Serving up an appetizing feel-good recipe of salubrious flavors, his new single is the perfect mixture of sonic ingredients. Taken from his EP “Friction”, it infuses a taste of pop with a sprinkling of R&B, a hint of soul and a dash of hiphop. With a mellow guitar, a chilled rhythm and soulful vocals completing the modern production, this gentle jam is an easygoing, ear-stroking auditory cocktail.

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Music History

Paloma Faith – “Can’t Rely On You”

From her album “A Perfect Contradiction” (2014):

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New Music

Stephen Puth – “Watching You Walk Away”

With a breezy and emotive summery bop, this is the new single by singer and songwriter Stephen Puth:

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