In The Spotlight

Alexi Paraschos – “Mine”

Based in Philadelphia, this award-winning singer and songwriter began playing guitar aged 7 and writing songs aged 11, while surrounding himself with Motown and The Beatles. He studied African-American music at Tufts University and developed his captivating soul/pop blend. He debuted with his album “Something Greater” in 2014, played SXSW 2017 and has his music licensed for TV use.

With a sparkling funky groove, his new single is breathing a soulful 80s vibe. Taken from his upcoming album “Love Odyssey”, expected to drop soon, it opens with delectable horns directing the melody to the sweltering synths and infectious rhythm. And with his Michael Jackson-touched vocals singing about lover’s nicknames for each other, this feel-good jam is glittering with a vintage-dipped sonic joy.

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Music History

Vonda Shepard – “I Shy Away”

From her album “Vonda Shepard” (1989):

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New Music

Ben Rector – “It Would Be You”

Marinated in an 80s neon glaze, this is the catchy new single by singer and songwriter Ben Rector:

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