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Gizmo Varillas – “Born Again”

Born in Spain, this talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer has been living in London since his complicated childhood. With his multi-cultural, genre-spanning sound, he debuted with his album “El Dorado” in 2017. He unifies influences from 80s pop to classic funk, from Manu Chao to Paul Simon. He’s also had his songs featured in FIFA 19 and in the 2019 Netflix series “Special”.

Although his latest single is only 2 minutes 20 long, he crammed every last millisecond full of poppy funkalicious yumminess. Taken from his forthcoming album “Out Of The Darkness”, expected on June 5th, it’s bursting with a sunlit melody of beaming beats, lustrous guitars and a bright bass. And with his crisp vocals relaying a message of renewal, this lush, effervescent groove is a jubilant jam.

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Music History

LeAnn Rimes – “Nothin’ Better To Do”

From her album “Family” (2007):

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New Music

Neon Trees – “New Best Friend”

From their upcoming album “I Can Feel You Forgetting Me”, to be released on 26 June 2020:

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