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Eddy Lee Ryder – “Expected To Fly”

Initially known as Liz Brennan, this high-spirited singer and songwriter is a classically trained musician and opera singer. Exposed to airy pop and light rock in her youth, it was Peter Gabriel’s “Solsberry Hill” that changed her world. Drawing inspiration from Bruce Springsteen and Kate Bush, she pours her life’s experiences into her songwriting. She debuted her new moniker with “Small Apartment” in 2019.

With a bracing guitar and an invigorating vintage edge, her new single is a celebration of 70s rock with a pinch of 80s pop. The lively percussion and added piano chords complement the roaring melody. Sounding like a mix of a gravelly Stevie Nicks and a celestial Kate Bush, the rawness of her mighty vocal skills supplements the retro rock vibe, making this a rousing jam that won’t just fly; it will soar.

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Music History

Earth, Wind & Fire – “Let Me Talk”

From their album “Faces” (1980):

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New Music

Gin Wigmore – “Feels Like Me”

Sparkling with upbeat sunlit positivity, this is the new single by powerhouse songbird Gin Wigmore:

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