In The Spotlight

Dana Williams – “Knife”

Having grown up in Los Angeles and New York as the daughter of the late legendary guitarist David Williams, this timeless singer and songwriter was born with musical genes. Raised on Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, she started writing songs in middle school. She debuted with her 2013 EP “The Lonely One” and had her song “Keep Me Waiting” featured in the Oscar-winning movie “Whiplash”.

Giving a smooth retro pop melody a jazzy finish, her new single is about cutting ties in an unhappy relationship and rejoicing in the new found freedom. With a vintage beat accompanying the pleasing guitar, it’s her enchanting, velveteen vocals that show her gift for storytelling. And with a touch of 60s soul, vintage jazz and a pop vibe, this silky, yet upbeat jam forges a groove that is cutting edge.

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Music History

Genesis – “Paperlate”

From their EP “3×3” (1982):

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New Music

Kylie Minogue – “Say Something”

From her upcoming album “DISCO”, to be released on 6 November 2020:

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