In The Spotlight

Philippine – “Just Dancing”

Although this young Dutch singer and songwriter is still a student in Rotterdam, she’s already made her initial mark on the music scene. Compared to Lennon Stella and Maggie Rogers, her musical roots are in country, but her sound is intertwined with both contemporary and 80s pop. She’s performed at Eurosonic Noorderslag festival and on Dutch national radio 3FM and debuted with “Gone” early 2020.

While her debut single was dipped in a country sound, her new single is brightly lit with the shimmering neon hues of the 80s. Though keeping a foot in the modern pop sphere, the intoxicating synths, riveting rhythm and the electric guitar solo create a feeling of nostalgia. And although her alluring voice tells about toxic relationships, this lush tune is a perfect jam for a warm summers night.

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Music History

Richard Marx – “The Way She Loves Me”

From his album “Paid Vacation” (1994):

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New Music

Katy Perry – “Smile”

From her upcoming album “Smile”, to be released on 14 August 2020:

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