In The Spotlight

Heather Janssen – “Keeping Secrets”

Born and raised in Ontario, this Canadian pop princess is a singer and songwriter that has tried her hand at severel different areas of the music scene. She got her start on YouTube in 2011 and released a Christmas single in 2015. Trying a different approach she was part of a duo in 2018, competed solo on talent show The Shot and opened for Ria Mae. She debuted with her EP “Fear Of Falling” in 2019.

Soaked in seductive, black and white vibes, her new single adds a vintage smooth and jazzy feel to her pop sound. Forging an image of a smoky jazz bar, where the stale beer smell bounces off the sultry melody, the easygoing rhythm, slick keys and breezy brass are bewitching. And with her enticing, flirtatious vocals, this irresistible piece of auditory magic is not going to be a secret much longer.

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Music History

Simple Minds – “Sanctify Yourself”

From their album “Once Upon A Time” (1985):

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New Music

San Cisco – “Messages”

From their upcoming album “Between You & Me”, to be released on 4 September 2020:

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