In The Spotlight

Sanna Martinez – “Better This Way”

Graduated from the most prominent songwriting school Musikmakarna and having studied at Dreamhill Music Academy, this Swedish singer and songwriter is already established in the music scene. Mostly active as a songwriter, she’s had songs placed on Love Island USA and co-wrote the song “Echo” for the 2020 Icelandic Eurovision pre-selection. Solo she debuted with “My Drug” in 2015.

Wrapped in sparkling contemporary vibes, her new single is constructed with a luscious production. Glittering with zesty pop and a retro edge, it’s the relentlessly upbeat rhythm, intense guitar strums and her rejuvenating voice, that make this energetic tune so infectious, creating the involuntary need to sing along. Sumptuous, dynamic and refreshing, this luxuriant jam is certainly better this way.

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