In The Spotlight

Adryon de León – “Ally”

Born and raised in a tiny village in California, this singer and songwriter’s first musical influence was the gospel of a Baptist congregation. This was expanded with musical theatre, which gave her a gritty, soulful sound. She is a performer for Disneyland Resort and sang backing vocals for the likes of Macy Gray, Patti Austin and George Clinton. Since 2013 she’s a vocalist for the soul/funk band Orgone.

Inspired by the protests and rioting, which occurred two blocks from her home, in response to the death of George Floyd, her new single marries a lyrical statement with a Motown vibe. With a touch of Stevie Wonder’s swagger and Marvin Gaye’s clout, it’s the potent beat, vintage organ and rich guitar plucks, as well as her powerful, commanding vocals, that all merge together into an imposing soul jam.

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