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Levy – “Seeing Red”

Born in Germany, this classically educated, London-based singer, musician and songwriter gained experience in musical theatre, before she went on to study at BIMM London. She’s a keys player, vocal arranger and session vocalist for live bands as well as studio sessions at Abbey Road Studios. Likened to Maroon 5 and Carole King, she debuted her neo-soul-dipped pop with “Shoulder” in 2019.

Expertly building layers of funk, soul and even a touch of jazz on a solid, contemporary pop foundation, her new single is a wonderful auditory treat. From the ascending electric guitar to the smooth keys and the rousing rhythm all finding their aural home in the spirited chorus, it’s her meticulous, bewitching vocals, enhancing every note, that turn this rich, euphonious ruby into a priceless sonic gem.

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